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Case Studies

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at VoIP-2-VoIP, LLC.  So we interview our customers on a regular basis and ask them to share their story with other small businesses.  We talk to them, we ask questions like:

Why did you select Allworx? What type of equipment did you have previously?

How has Allworx helped your business? How has it saved you dollars or even made you money?

How does Allworx add value to your business?  What aspects of your business run better by having Allworx?

Read our Case Studies or send us your contact information and we'll send you additional ones to review.

Case Studies

StrategyONE "For any small business I suggest they buy the Allworx system yesterday!"  Stephen Mears, President, StrategyONE
United Security "Allworx is saving us money, and it is enabling our multiple offices to be linked on one system."    Matt Brislin, Manager of Technologies, United Security 
  Village Of Minerva  "We were able to save money on the configuration of the lines."  Robert First, Chief of Police, Minerva Police Department
NC Consulting "With the Allworx 24x, NCC has gained an abundance of other features that  have helped to improve their business as well." Kevin Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, NC Consulting Inc.